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Our doors are open and we look forward to seeing you and your pets!

Pet parents are welcome back into our building for veterinary appointments! Curbside care will remain an option if this is preferred. In-hospital care is available as well. As always, we are taking all necessary precautions to ensure both your safety as well as our own.   

  • Pets need to be secured with a leash (no flexi-leads) and cats in a carrier for their safety.
  • We recommend masks for anyone feeling under the weather or immunocompromised persons. We are following the CDC and state guidelines on mask guidance so if you are vaccinated, wearing a mask is optional. Although we are allowing people back into the building, our workflow might look a little different. Due to our small exam room sizes, some parts of your pet's care may take place in our treatment area to minimize the number of people in examination rooms. Don't worry, we will take just as good care as your pet as we always have!
  • We will be sanitizing our exam rooms between all appointments and there is a chance that an examination room may not be available. We ask for your patience while we make certain exam rooms are clean and sanitary for you and your pets. 
  • As always, we promise to deliver the same high quality loving care for your pet, regardless of where that care is delivered.

Do you already have an upcoming medical appointment scheduled? Please complete our Pre-Appointment Questionnaire located at the top of this page. This form will help reduce time spent taking your pet's history and help reduce the time spent in our hospital. Please take the time to complete this form in advance of your pet's appointment.

Welcome to Hudson Road Animal Hospital!

For over 60 years we have had the honor of providing the highest level of veterinary care to the Woodbury, MN community. Hudson Road Animal Hospital is committed to providing excellent care for you and your pet family for many years to come. Discover what we can do for your pet today.